Make an uniquely gorgeous Christmas Tree from up-cycled license plates!

Old license plates: You can find old license plates on Ebay or make your own card stock plates with the free downloads!
Card stock: Every tree needs a star! No need for all the work and heartache to cut up the real plates!
Small picture hanging nails to hang the plates.
LED fairy lights to light up our tree.

The “Christmas tree” you see here has 5 tiers, plus the “trunk” and the star. The height is about 5′ not including the star.

Measure and determine where the top plate should be. Start with the first plate: check that it’s level, mark the 2 holes at the top and hammer one nail for each hole.

Hang the plate, then start the next row.

Each row of license plates goes outside the row above, and you may need longer nails as you get to the bottom rows. Feel free to adjust where each plate is so the mix of colors are balanced.

To make the star, just print out the templates on card stock, glue the tabs together, and thread a piece of string or fishing line at one of the tips to hang it.

The nails provide the perfect support for these gorgeous LED fairy lights !