Your home doesn’t deserve to be as boring as your landlord.

1. Open storage is another way of aesthetically displaying your stuff.

2. Mix up the way you add plants to your home.

3. If you can’t paint your walls, add some color to your furniture.

4. Add a few pieces of unconventional furniture.

5. Repurpose boxes and crates for modular bookshelves and eye-popping storage displays.

6. Line the insides of your shelves with patterned fabric or wallpaper.

7. Or use wallpaper to bedeck other pieces of furniture and really anything else.

8. Make a few of your own decorative pillows.

9. Try a variety of hanging solutions, including tapes, command hooks, and strips.

10. Use clothespins to put up an elegant display of artwork.

11. Or mount your art with hangers.

12. If you don’t want to lean your artwork directly on the floor, then prop it up on a stand.

13. Invest in rolling and/or movable furniture.

14. Sew, braid, or paint a few eye-catching rugs.

15. Use ladders for shelves or racks for a more striking look.

16. Easily install an inexpensive curtain with fabric and a tension rod.

17. Zero in on the small things, like these DIY pineapple magnets.

18. Not only organize with trays, but decorate your walls with them.

19. Opt for brighter washi tapes that make tape look less tacky.

20. Go all out with your bed’s headboard.

21. For a luxurious look, try these removable and reusable wooden planks.