There are a lot of ideas you can do to make use of your Ikea lack shelves. Ikea lack shelves are a great way to decorate your empty walls and at the same time put a little storage to your place. Here are some ideas you might want to consider.

Your lack shelf can be a great accessory to your home bar. You can place a rack beneath to store your glasses. This looks perfect for your home bar.

It is common to see lack shelves in the kitchen. You can easily place all your dinnerware on it. It looks clean and organized with it.

You can make use of lights to emphasize your Ikea lack shelves. It would be great to paint the shelves in black. This gives a little drama to the decoration.

This is one stylish idea. You can decorate your Ikea shelves in a copper theme. This idea stands out from all other ideas.

Aside from black, white can also be a good partner for Ikea shelves with light. Although, warm lights suit black more than white. Make sure to put a contrasting color of black as its counter top to make it more elegant.

Using lack shelves in the kitchen does not necessarily mean that this becomes storage for dinnerware. You can place some office supplies on these shelves. Now you have a spot of mini-home office in the kitchen.

This idea is ideal if you want something clean and simple. Use white as the motif for your lack shelves. You can place plants and other colorful accents to its vases to put a little life.

Ikea lack shelves can also be used in your bedroom. This can be a great bed side table. It will not be as bulky as the traditional one yet still useful to put your things on.

This is another way of having Ikea lack shelves as your night stand. You can have it in full-length. In this way, it will not only serve as your night stand, but also as your storage shelves.

This is an example of a low lack shelves. This is ideal if you want to have longer shelves in your room. It gives you more space to put on your things and other decorations.

Having lack shelves in your living room is a classic idea. You can have your shelf as low as this to have storage underneath it. Now you can freely display your record collections.

This is a unique design for your Ikea lack shelves. You can place them alternately to create a fun and unique storage. It looks like a mini library in your living room.

This Ikea lack shelf looks contemporary. It is nice to have a white theme for your living room shelves. It gives it a clean, modern and stylish look.

This is another way of decorating your lack shelves in the living room. You can have it as long as you want. It allows you to have space for comfy living room displays.

Ikea lack shelves are also ideal for your home office area. They can store all your books and files in a stylish way. Now you do not have to worry how you can store all your books and files with this idea.

Aside from a standing look of shelves, you can have it this way. This one looks very pleasing to the eyes. Also, its longer shelves allow you to put many things that you like. You can even put boxes on it.

Ikea lack shelves is a great idea for your kid’s room. They can be used to store their tiny little clothes. You can attach a curtain rod below the shelf so that you can hang your kid’s clothes on it.