Pine cones are traditional decoration for Christmas. They are simple to find and very easy can create an cute and cozy look. Pine cones are perfect to combine with candles and a pine cone wreath is something that you really need to hang on your door. You can paint them, put in a glass or bowl, to hang on your Christmas tree or to decorate your porch.

Pine Cone Wreaths

Add some inventing charm to your door with this wonderful wreaths made by pine cones.

Pine Cone Fireplace Decoration

Fireplaces are usually the focal point of the living room and when the Christmas is coming you simply cannot forget to decorate them in best possible way.

Pine Cone Ornaments

One of the most simply and cheap ideas for your Christmas tree is to create pine cone ornaments. You can paint them in silver or in your favorite color.

Pine Cone Home Decorations

For this interesting idea you will need one empty glass and some colorful painted pine cones. This idea can be wonderful decoration for your table.

Pine Cone Trees

By using your creativity, some pine cones and glue you can create amazing decoration for your garden or living room with pine cone trees.

Pine Cone Candle Ideas

Make a hole in the middle of the pine cones, where you can put a candle. If you want to get a serious rustic atmosphere, you could just light a real pine cone on fire, but with this example is much safer.

Wonderful Topiary 

This example is very creative and simple but you will need to spend some time to make it. For this example you will need one black garbage sack which you will wrap around styrofoam ball, than use some hot glue for the pine cones.

Pine Cone Door Hanger

When it comes time to decorate your door for Christmas you simply cannot forget the entering door. You just need to paint some pine cones and to hang on your door.

Pine Cone Gift Wrap 

If you have kids, than you must see this incredible idea. Surprise them with wonderful gift but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it great.

Beautiful Christmas Dish Decoration 

Complete Your Outfit With a Golden Pine Cone Jewelry