What’s spookier than spiders all over your door? It’s a pretty simple project.

Just took some plastic spider rings from the dollar store.

Cut off the ring part.

Then stuck some magnets on with hot glue. The spider legs can get in the way of the magnet so you may need to tilt it upward and use a lot of hot glue, so that the magnet will fully stick to your metal surface. You don’t want the magnet to bend or ripple at all.

I ended up with about 40-45 spiders for a creepy crawly, spider invasion.

If you don’t have a metal door, put them on your fridge or any other metal appliance.
Bonus: They’re magnets so you can change them up daily if you want.

Have them attack the door.

Or come out in a trail.

Happy Halloween crafting!

via deliacreates