There are lots of ways to re-purpose clothes and breathe new life into them. We have rounded up 20 creative ideas for your worn out clothes to get you inspired to re-purpose what you already have just sitting in your closet. Those stretched out sweaters and T-shirts can make some beautiful things including lamp shades, tote bags, jewelry and household decor.

Tank Top Tote Bag

Sweater Ornaments
Shirt Pillow Cover
Pant Leg Wine Bag
Doggy Coat
Dress Shirt Baby Bibs

Knee Sock Doll Dresses
Flip Flop Slippers
Dress Shirt Apron
Belt Vase
Belt Handbag
Sweater Bracelet
Necktie Zip Pouch
Sweater Hat
T-Shirt Necklace
Zipper Heart Necklace
Zipper Heart Necklace
Stuffed Animals
Sweater Lamp Shades
T-Shirt Infinity Scarf