The macrame technique comes handy for making all sorts of home décor items and accessories, from wall hangings and curtains to bracelets, belts and jackets. It is often the best option when it comes to handmade designer plant hangers. If you love gardening, but don’t have any open space for housing plants, think about having a hanging garden, where you can grow your favorite orchids and flowers in small pots hanging from rope hangers. For today we gather 20 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns. There are plenty of ideas to inspire you, using a variety of materials — rope, cording, leather, brass fittings, even t-shirts. Grab that pretty twine you’ve been saving, or that old t-shirt you can’t part with (but can’t wear anymore), and happy crafting!

The following patterns include simple macrame patterns for beginners as well as more complex ones for those already familiar with the technique. When hanging a live plant with white or light colored macrame hangers, it is recommended that the plant/pot be removed for watering to avoid staining the macrame hanger. Once you master the technique enough, you can try to make the end product even more special by adding small wooden beads to the hanger.

via designrulz