Check out these ways to turn everyday objects into amazing home decor items. By using mason jars in new ways you’ll be able to create design ideas that will make your house a lot more of your own. Not only will these distinguish how you decorate your house, but some of these hacks have cool design features too. Take a look!

1. Mason Jar Lamp

Not only do they screw in perfectly but they actually look great when they’re all lit up in the evening too.

2. DIY Homemade Blender With A Mason Jar

Have you ever cracked the container that came with your blender or Magic Bullet? Don’t even worry about it because not only will your mason jar fit, but it takes a lot more elbow grease to break one.

3. Mason Jar Makeup Containers

Color-coded mason jars will help you organize your makeup tools at home and keep them looking as glamorous as your makeovers.

4. Sundae Dessert Bowl

Make homemade sundaes in a whole new way that will taste totally different than mixing them together in a bowl. By layering your desserts like this, your taste buds will level up in a way you never imagined.

5. Mason Jar Lunchbox

This is the easiest way to transport your lunch without spilling it and you can bring your favorite toppings along for the ride by sealing the top. It’s great for bringing salads and your favorite dressing too.

6. Mason Jar Gardening

Making your own home gardening set that’s incredibly low maintenance and so easy to water. Plus, it really to makes sure they get all the sunshine they need thanks to the transparency of the jar.

7. Mason Jar Speaker

This amazing gadget is perfect for everything from cooking in the kitchen, lounging in your bedroom to perfecting dinner parties. It’s easy to plug into your cellphone too.

8. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Take a drill to the inside disc of the lid that slips out and create your own cocktail shaker! You’ll be able to mix your own tasty drinks in no time.

9. Mason Jars As Bathroom Accessories

This is a must-have for any couple that splits a bathroom so both of them get their own compartments without getting in each other’s way.

10. DIY Oil Lamp

Using a mason jar like this helps you prevent spilling the oil. Plus, the body of the jar doesn’t heat up the same way as a regular oil lamp, so it’s easier to pick up and move.

11. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

This nifty contraption only takes a few minutes to make and will spruce up your backyard in an innovative way to make your garden more original.

12. Mason Jar Patio Lanterns 

Fill the bottom of the jar with stones; once you place a candle in the middle, you’re done! Plus, since the jar is glass, and the lid is made of tin, the candle won’t be nearly as much of a fire hazard.

13. Mason Jar Beekeeping Station

An inexpensive way to try a new hobby: place a hive inside the jar and place the jar upside down to keep the bees contained!

14. Mason Jar Ketchup And Mustard Pumps

By drilling a hole in the top and adding a hand soap pump, you can create a great way to keep condiments from getting messy at family BBQs.

15. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Here’s an easy way to contain all of those sharp and pointy sewing tools in an organized container without anyone getting hurt. Extra points if you put the pin cushion on the lid.

16. Mason Jar Pouring Spout

By cutting the lid out of a box of Kosher salt after tracing the dimensions of the mason jar lid out on cardboard, you can simply pop in the piece with the spout on it and away you go.

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