An item that constantly pops up on Pinterest feeds and is super easy to upcycle is the wooden cutting board. These things can be found at pretty much any store or sale you go to, and even if they’re not in perfect condition, there are still countless things that can be done to give them new life.  The next time you find yourself perusing the aisles of your favorite secondhand shop or your neighbour’s yearly yard sale, look for a wooden cutting board or two. When you get home, refer to the list of DIY possibilities below and let your creativity turn something old into something new.

1. Stay organized by turning a sturdy, wooden cutting board into the ultimate clipboard! 

2. Combining a cutting board with a wooden base for a figurine results in a super chic and rustic shelf that can be used in your kitchen and other areas of the home.

3. Creating farmhouse wall art can be as simple as adhering painted, wooden letters to a thrifted board.

4. What do you get when you combine a cutting board, chalkboard paint, a ruler, and a Scrabble tile rack? An awesome household accessory!

5. Succulents are the perfect greenery accent for any room and can be planted in pretty much anything you can get your hands on. If you have an old cutting board and a wooden bowl laying around, use them to create a wall planter.

6. If you don’t want to clutter your refrigerator with pictures, coupon clippings, and business cards, create a magnetic wall board using a pizza pan!

7. Cutting boards are the perfect shape and size for tablets and cookbooks. You can easily turn one into a stand for your kitchen counter.

8. If you need a portable storage solution for tools, paintbrushes, or other DIY materials, create a caddy with a cutting board, tin cans, and leather belts.

9. Wood is the perfect material for photo transfers, which means cutting boards can easily be transformed into modern frames that display all of your favorite memories.

10. Staining a thrifted board and slapping two screen door pulls onto it gives you a wonderful, farmhouse-inspired serving tray that guests will love.

11. If you’re looking for something different to use as a guestbook, go with a wooden cutting board. This idea is great for housewarming parties or weddings for couples who love to cook!

12. Lastly, turn any cutting board into a floating, mid-century dream with some rope and metallic spray paint.

via diply