For most of us the kitchen grate is just another kitchen utensil that helps us a lot while cooking. But, how about seeing this wonderful useful kitchen element from a different point of view? That is what I am going to share with you this time. Here I am with another practical idea on how to reuse your kitchen grate and turn it into something cool and unique. In this article you will find many different reuse ideas for your kitchen grate from lighting solution to your accessories storage item.

Grate Lanterns
This is just a beginning of the reuse ideas that you can make out of your kitchen grate. This is an example of lovely grate lanterns that are painted in pastel colors. This is an authentic solution that will make your grates shine again.

Grate Hanging Candelier
Below is a great rustic chandelier that you can do it on your own.

Grate Candle Holder
The following example shows that the kitchen grate can turn into a romantic decor element that can be even used for a wedding decoration.

Grate Earring Holders
This is my favorite that all ladies will like! Here is a really practical solution for your earrings. This erring holder will save your time that you spend trying to find the suitable earrings to wear. By the way, it looks adorable. Do you agree?

Grate Flower Planter

Grate Wind Chime

Grate Storage Solution
This is a back to school idea for your kids. You can use your old kitchen item as a practical storage solution for yoyr kids’ school supplies.

Vertical Garden Element
If you are thinking of incorporating something authentic, here is the solution for your wall decoration.

Cool Grate Lamp
These ideas went so far as creating a night lamp using an old kitchen grate. This is a really creative solution that you might find beneficial for your own use.

Kitchen Grate Storage Solution

Garden Decor Element
Lets’s get crafty with another DIY decor solution for you. Have you ever consider transforming your grate into an amazing owl garden decoration? So, here is the solution that you may copy. Enjoy in the creative process!

 Rustic Table Decorations with Grates