If you have a feeling that your present home appearance is somehow boring and dull , then it’s time that you insert some changes in order to freshen up its look and to give it a new energy and spirit. To do that, there is no need to invest a lot and to spend a large amount of money. You can transform your home or apartment with stuff you already have or you can even do personalized decor by yourself, all you need is a little time and imagination. Perk up your living space on a budget by following some smart tricks and tips that we collected in this useful showcase and we are more than ready to show it to you. Keep on reading to get yourself inspired into refreshing your home look and creating a new ambiance inside it. Enjoy!

DIY Palette Coffee Table

Replace your old coffee table with a custom palette coffee table with wheels to bring an eclectic, shabby chic charm into your living room. It is very simple to do this kind of coffee table, all you need to have is a little inspiration and will.

Create a Gallery Wall with Empty Frames

Color your accent wall in black matte and decorate it with numerous bright white, distinctive designed photo frames but leave them empty. This way you’ll achieve a unique, stylish and striking decor on the spot.

Add a Kitchen Magnetic Chalkboard

Refresh your kitchen and dining spot by getting a magnetic chalkboard and placing it in there. This is a very appealing, modern, and at the same time very useful decor, since you can write memos, shopping lists. Your kids can paint on it and you can perk it up with colorful magnets that will add charm to your cooking and dining space.

Add Colorful Draperies

Replace your old draperies with draperies in a bright, fresh color and you’ll instantly get a whole new look for any kind of room. It would be nice if you can pair them with another decorative element, such as a bouquet of flowers, in this case, that match the soft peachy color of the gorgeous drapes- very alluring and lovely.

Refresh the Dining Room with Mirrors

Place several horizontal mirrors in the dining room to get a visual upgrade of the space and to bring a whole new energy into the spot. Let the mirrors be same size, and quite simple, to accentuate the reflection in them, not their design.

Decorate with Candles

Decorating with candles is always a good idea. It brings such a lovely charm and warmth to any spot-that is simply amazing. Unleash your imagination and fulfill glass bowls with candles and add whatever you wish- seasonal decorative elements, holiday ornaments, beach accessories… the choice is infinite.

Make yourself a Unique Book Side Table

Be super-unique and one of a kind by making a side table out of books or massive magazines. This will surprise your guests, and will bring character and style to the room.

Playful Material for an Accent Wall

If you happen to find a colorful patterned material, then do not hesitate to hang it on the wall. It will add instant dynamics, lively appeal and cheerful ambiance.

Old Ladder as a Unique Decorative Moment in the Hallway

Place an old ladder next to the mirror into your bold neutral hallway and decorate it with soft lights and you will get the Scandinavian decor beauty in a minute.

Pop of Color with Catchy Throw Pillows and Blankets

There is no better or easy way of perking up a room than by placing a couple of colorful throw pillows and blankets. The pop of color brings instant energy and livens up the whole surrounding.

DIY Palette Bedroom Headboard

Your bed will get a whole different look if you put the effort of adding a headboard to it. You can make yourself a palette headboard that will provide your bedroom with vintage appeal and gorgeous look.

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