Make these fun and easy succulent pumpkins. They are beautiful and will add a lot to your fall décor.

I love the succulent pumpkins that I’m seeing everywhere! I decided to try making some of them myself and love the way they turned out. I think adding greenery into décor always adds so much to a space.

I started out with these paper-mache type pumpkins that aren’t bad, I just hadn’t used them for a couple years. I think any pumpkin from a store would work for this.

I cut a hole in the top. (If you have a foam pumpkin, you probably do not need to cut a hole) and then stuffed it with paper bag and some floral foam.

Next, I stuck the different succulents into the floral foam. (I have an assortment from the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby that I use differently for every season). I also added moss to cover up the edges of the hole.

Lastly, I used Distress Ink over the pumpkins to add some depth and highlight the texture. This will help your project look finished and give it more visual interest.

I switched out some candles to add my pumpkins, but they would look nice anywhere.

This is a fun and easy fall project. You can glue the moss and succulents to stay, or you can leave them loose, so you can reuse the succulents in other projects like I do.

via hometalk , fotos via creativelylivingblog