Do you ever get inspiration from strange places?  I mean other than Pinterest?  Places like the dollar store, grocery store and even Home Depot are full of great inspiration.  And oddly enough, even a simple mousetrap can become a tiny work of art…

For this project I used:
Four wooden mouse traps
Acrylic paint in bright colors
Clip art, duplicated six times
Thin sheet of cardboard
Matte Mod Podge
White glue
Various scrapbooking embellishments

Begin by taking the mousetraps apart, removing everything but the big metal spring.

Choose four bright colors and paint the wood of each mouse trap.

It may take about three coats of acrylic paint to cover up all the wording on the traps.

Now it is time to decorate them!

I decided to go with the four major food groups.  You know, ice cream, fast food, hotdogs, and donuts.  (You really didn’t think I was going to say veggies, did you?)

Anyway, I used a clip art program and chose my graphics, printing six of each graphic.  Cut out one of the graphics entirely, using a small pair of nail scissors.

Using a second graphic, cut out the next layer.  We are going for a 3D effect here by raising those areas that would be closer.  Cutting some thin cardboard, glue it down on top of the areas that you are raising using the white glue.

Glue the second layer over top of the cardboard pieces.

Repeat this process with a third layer, choosing items that would be even closer, cutting them out and gluing them over tiny pieces of cardboard to raise them.

Add a fourth layer, using the same process.

This will create a great 3D look.  Repeat the process on the other traps using other clip art.

Throw in a few scrapbooking embellishments too!

For an extra touch, you can add some dots around the edges in contrasting colors.   Coat the whole thing in Matte Mod Podge to protect the paper and give it a finished look.

There are so many possibilities for this little project!

The final touch was adding a magnet to the back of each one with hot glue.  And what do we use these for?

How about holding your notepads, your keys, your receipts, coupons, whatever?  Right there on the fridge where you can’t miss them!  And all being held in place by cute little mousetrap clips.  Pretty cool, huh?

via suzyssitcom