I needed some beachy feeling napkin rings for an upcoming tablescape/dinner party and I didn’t like the prices I was seeing in the stores. It was time to get creative!

I always look at the toilet paper roll when it is empty and try to figure out how I can use it.  I often have thought of napkin rings, but it finally came to me as I was planning this tablescape. 

So here it is…toilet paper rolls, seashells and some hemp rope along with my hot glue gun were all it took to make those pretty napkin rings!

Step one was as easy as could be, I just took scissors and cut each toilet paper roll in half.  Anyone can handle this project!   I began by tucking an end of the hemp rope inside the end of the tube and glued it there, then I just added a very little bit of hot glue and rolled the rope tightly around each cardboard tube.  When I got to the other end, I glued the end securely to the edge of the cardboard tube.

There you have four of the rings with the rope secured to each one.  When you use a hot glue to secure the rope the entire tube gets much firmer and will not get bent out of shape.

The final step was to glue a seashell to each napkin ring.  You can use this same idea and add all kinds of things to your rings, it doesn’t have to be a seashell.

There you have it, beautiful coastal style napkin rings!

via celebrateanddecorate