Don’t send your old ceiling fan to the trash bin or charity shop just yet! While the fan may no longer work, you can certainly “spin” an old ceiling fan into crafty new creations! Whether you’re looking to decorate your lawn or hang your towel off of something artsy, ceiling fans can certainly bring the “cool” to your home in a whole new way. Check out these smart ideas that will transform that fan into whimsical DIY creations for your home or garden.

Crafty Dragonfly Art

Don’t know what to do with old ceiling fan blades? Bring some fun to your backyard and make a pair of dragonfly buddies to hang on your fence. You’ll also need an old table leg for this project.

Succulent Planter

You might be hard pressed to find an idea for upcycling a ceiling fan housing cap, but you don’t need to look any further than your garden! The cap works great as a topper for a succulent planter.

Inspirational Words

Add some hope and laughter to a baby’s nursery with inspirational words! Painted ceiling fan blades are arranged in a flower petal formation on the wall of a little girl’s room.

Super Cool Towel Hook

It’s easy to miss the brackets that hold the ceiling fan blades to the motor, but once you get your hands on a few brackets, you’ll never want to be without one! These brackets can definitely be transformed into a myriad of different crafts. However, for this simple project, just screw it into a bathroom wall to convert it into a cool towel hook!

Mini Mosaic Windmill

Give an old ceiling fan a new lease on life and let it spin its blades outside in the wind! This miniature windmill won’t generate any power, but it’s certainly fun to look at. You can make this by hot gluing mosaic pieces of plastic or glass to the fan blades. Attach the fan unit to a piece of wood, and you’ll have a pretty show once a nice breeze stops by for a visit!

Fan Blade Bird Feeder

This one is definitely for the birds! Show your feathered and flighty friends that you’re thinking about them. This delightful bird feeder is made with a ceiling fan blade that’s been painted bright red. Drill a hole at the top so you can link a chain through it and hang it off a fence. Don’t forget to adorn it with some catchy eye candy to nab their attention!

Hummingbird Lawn Ornament

This is the next best thing to attracting real hummingbirds! A ceiling fan housing and its attached light fixtures are turned upside down and painted red to resemble a sugar-water filled feeder. Use PVC piping to hold up a faux hummingbird, and you have yourself a fantastic lawn ornament!

Awesome Fan Blade Chalkboard

This great looking chalkboard will have your friends wondering what it’s actually made of! Dress up an old fan blade by hot gluing a zany fabric pattern and ribbon around the top portion. Don’t forget to create a little hook loop at the top so that you can hang it up. Finish it off with an application of chalk paint on the bottom.

Gorgeous Sunflower

If you have a knack for painting by hand, you can make this gorgeous sunflower! An 8-blade ceiling fan housing cap and its attached brackets are delicately painted to resemble a beautiful sunflower. Add some embellishments to create the flower of your dreams!

This video show you how to repurpose a ceiling fan light shade into a candle holder.

via lifeaspire