I love to use leftover containers for clever craft ideas. Never one to just throw something away, I decided to use the little plastic microwave cups to make miniature ice candles! Creating with recycled items is not a new thing for me. I made unusual wall art from toilet paper tubes, a pretty sun catcher from plastic lids, and even a baby food jar Christmas tree! So, it was just natural to look at these cool little cups and come up with a project.

For this project I used:
Small plastic cups (any small disposable container will work)
Spray vegetable oil
Paraffin Wax
Candle Tapers
Crushed Ice
Two pots (for double boiler)

Select some crayons for each candle, and peel off the paper. For each candle, I used four or five crayons.

Cut your tapers to the height of the cup. I used several tapers for this project (you can get them at the dollar store), cutting them to the proper height and carving back the wax at the top to reveal the wick.

Use two pans to create a double boiler. Fill the bottom pan with water and allow it to heat to a low boil. Place the other pan inside the first pan and add one sheet of paraffin and one set of crayon colors.

Keep an eye on your wax. Never leave it to cook on the stove by itself. You will want to stir it occasionally. It will not take long for it to melt.

IMPORTANT: Spray the inside of the cup with a heavy coating of vegetable spray. I learned this the hard way.

Then place the cut taper with the wick end up, and pour about an inch of melted wax around it.

Allow the wax to sit for about 2 minutes and then add crushed ice on top, around the taper. Fill to nearly the top of the cup with crushed ice.

Then pour the remaining melted wax on top of the ice, filling the cup to the brim.

NOTE: Any remaining hot wax can be poured into a jar or container and later thrown out. Do not pour hot wax down your drain unless you feel like having a visit from the plumber…

Allow the wax to set for about 30 minutes. I set my cups in ice to speed up the setting time.

To remove the candle from the cup, hold it over the sink and turn it upside down. Water from the melted ice will drain out.
You will then need to push from the bottom of the cup to get the candle out. Ice candles are unique because everywhere there was ice is now a little hole. They are beautiful when lit because the taper in the middle is what will burn. The light will shine through the holes of the candle.
Always sit these candles on a plate to burn as the melted wax from the taper will eventually find its way out.