These little terrariums are super quick to put together and a great activity for kids! They look great on desks and end tables or anywhere you need a little bit of greenery! Since I’m generally a plant killer I decided to go the faux route to make sure my mason jar terrariums would stay green all year round. If you’re a green thumb, feel free to do this with real plants (just remember to add some dirt). Let’s get started!

– Mason jar in any size you want
– Small rocks and pebbles
– Moss (faux or real)
– Assorted greenery and succulents (faux or real)
– Wire cutters
– Little figurines

STEP 1) Layer some small stones and pebbles on the bottom of your mason jar, filling it up about 1/3 of the way. If you are doing real plants instead of fake ones, reduce the amount of pebbles to 1/4 or 1/5 of the jar and put a layer of dirt on top of the rocks.

STEP 2) Next, take a little bit of moss and press it down on top of your pebbles. Only use a little as it’s really springy and takes up a lot of space! Just a little bit to completely cover your rocks will do!

STEP 3) Start adding in little bits of greenery and succulents, using your wire cutters to separate smaller pieces from the larger sprigs that you got from the craft store. Experiment with different sizes and arrangements and once you’re happy with where they’re at, press the stems gently through the moss and into the rocks. If this terrarium is something that a kid will be handling often, consider using a bit of hot glue to really adhere your greenery pieces so they don’t come loose!

STEP 4) If desired, take any little mini figurines you have and place them (or hot glue them) to the inside of your little scene. I chose a fun red moped for a cute and quirky addition! It would be totally fun to use mini characters from your kids’ favorite movies or shows and stick ’em in there 🙂

Since these are so quick to whip up and I had extra materials, I decided to make another, smaller mason jar terrarium, and one using and old candle jar. I’m really happy with how they turned out!

My favorite might be the little garden gnome and the two lawn flamingos! Too. Cute.