Upcycle your old window blinds and turn them into pretty, decorative wooden crates for your pots, with this easy tutorial.

1 x 1 square stick
Scrap piece of plywood (if you want to add a base)
Saw OR utility knife (to cut the blind blades to size)
Nails, hammer and/or heavy duty stapler
Wood glue

Make It:

Make two opposing sides first.

Use shims (or scrap wood, or a few slats together, or…you get the idea: anything can work) to create even gaps between the window slats.

Nail or staple the slats on the sticks. I chose staplers for the roughed out look and in all honesty, I really like using my stapler – it’s so easy!

Attach the sides to the base. There are two ways to go about that, depending on how strong you want your crates:

  • Make a rectangle for the base and nail/staple the plywood on it (sturdy)
  • Attach the plywood only at the corners (not very sturdy)

I glued and nailed the “sticks” to the plywood, making sure the bottom slats would overlap (and hide) the plywood.

Make the other two opposing sides by simply stapling the window blinds to the existing frame.

Paint – or simply distress – the window slats. Seal with exterior grade sealant if you plan on propping your crate outside.