If, like me, you are a fan of Pinterest and craft then no doubt you will have seen painted mason jars everywhere! I have frosted some lovely jars that I had, I wanted a beach glass effect, and I love this candle holder that I bought from West Elm. It has an aged frosted effect almost like a lime wash. This was my inspiration. Here are my three coastal cloud jars.

How to paint jars
To get the effect I used a watered down mix of mod podge and paint, for the turquoise jar in the middle I used a glass frosted effect paint. The glue gives the translucent frosted effect, but it needs to be really watery or you get streaks. They have a slight ombre touch to them which if you look closer is actually a cloud pattern effect.

I started by adding a small amount of paint to the watered down mod podge, painting the jar and leaving it to dry. The mix needs to be really watery, so it is advisable to put the jar on a wipeable surface to dry.

Then, I added more paint to the mod podge and water mix, starting from the bottom, I painted a circular cloud effect edge halfway up the jar, and painted to the bottom of the jar and left to dry.

I repeated this process, adding more paint each time and doing the clouds progressively lower on the jar each time. It takes a while between the layers for the jars to dry.

This jar has a speckled effect from the glass paint. For this jar I didn’t add the paint to a mod podge and water mix, I just used the glass paint (see below). I then added the cloud layers with just more paint.

I sprayed the jars that were painted with the paint, mod podge and water mix with a clear sealer to protect them from water drops. I also sprayed the lids of the jars with an antique gold spray paint.

The paints I used are pictured below. The frosted gloss enamel glass paint needs to be baked in the oven after application. The other two were added to a mod podge and water mix.

 via makingforliving