Why not solve the big storage issues of home for free through pallet projects? This DIY pallet dressing room closet speaks all for DIY creativity and is all free to grab! Complete installation of it has been done with pallets and we are having a full pallet storage idea here that speaks volumes for total engineering and construction of this custom wooden wardrobe! It is offering the separate section for cloth hanging, compartments to organize jewelry and shoes and also extra storage options for anything else! Large size of it would come in handy to store all fashion worthy items in large collections! This given project will be all amazing for home and commercial installation of dressing rooms, closets or wardrobes!

Installation of Pallet Closet/Wardrobe:

This DIY project is all about a sophisticated installation of a full dressing room, pallets have been hired to bring the project to completion, here is all to build with pallets and this custom large wooden closet or wardrobe may be the first item here to start the project with!

The given pallet closet provides several different options for a categorical storage of things and also provide a mid-side section for cloth hanging so we need to build all separately with pallets and you can start the project by installing first these storage twin towers each having 3 equal storage compartments! Go for a total deconstruction of stock of pallets you are having as wood supply and get the pallet slats to compose these twin storage towers!

Now connect the twin storage towers with slatted pallet-made roof and bottom panels and this will also install the mid-side frame for inside hanging panel, at this step you will see that wardrobe is taking a fully functional shape!

Add the hanging rods inside for shirts and dresses hanging and go for a better door system! No need to buy doors here, plan them also with rest of separated pallets slats! Pack the pallets in required arrangements and install a large gate for mid-side hanging panel and also custom mini gates for twin storage towers serving at each side of this wooden closet! Let all the door come on hinges for better opening and closing!

Finish the door also with metal drawers pulls for convenient opening! Using better hardware door or drawer pulls would really like a charm and bring a damn industrial and modern vibe to entire closet design! For a better antique expressions, it would be better to go with old or traditional styled hinges and drawer pulls!

Installation of Pallet Corner Cupboard:

For a featured dressing room, a wardrobe may not be enough, installing corner pallet cupboard will also be one of major recommendations to here is how you can go for a corner cupboard installation with pallets without getting puzzled at the construction steps!

 Build also here a storage tower first with lower loaded with drawers, the other side will be all supported on a corner wall area! Add mini supports to install hanging panels, install one on the side of the storage tower facing the wall and also one on the original wall area, then make them hold a big horizontal wooden rode as shown! Screws may come in handy for better assembly of supports!

In this corner cupboard, the hanging panel comes with 2 hanging racks for separate hanging of dresses or coats and those of formal shirts!

The slatted roof will also serve as a better pallet shelves, would really be awesome to organize the cloth bags and trunks! Moreover, any thing extra can be shifted to higher level top shelves! These are few creative steps here that one can take to install an awesome dressing room including a wardrobe, a closet and corner cupboards! And the news to make you happier is that this project of dressing room organization will all be friendly to your wallet!