From decorating with wooden barrels, buckets, broken chairs to stumps and wheels and planters on wheels, here you will find some awesome ideas that will fit any style and yard design. However, each project in this gallery is easy to make and I bet that you already have the needed materials. I’m also 100% sure that they will inspire you and awaken your creativity to go outside and turn your yard into a relaxing, warm and very comfortable zone for you and your guests. So, let’s check them out one by one and draw some inspiration. You may find an idea that will fit your yard, who knows, enjoy and have fun!

Wheel Decorations

You can turn any wheel in charming decoration and add vintage touches to your backyard space. You can use the wheels as decor or as planters.

Stump Decorations
The stumps can make any yard warmer and more inviting. You can turn the stump into a beautiful flower stand or flower pot, or make a cute small house of it.

Planters on Wheels
The planters on wheels are very eye-catching and charming and will make your guests talk about your yard all summer long. You can use them to display your favorite flowers and make your outdoor living space more cheerful.
Wooden Barrels Yard Decorations
There are million ways to turn the barrels in magnificent backyard decoration. The overturned barrels are very interesting, but you can also try to make a fountains or use them as planters.

Bucket Decors
Just like the barrels, the buckets can be transformed in amazing fountains and planters.

Broken Chair Decor Idea
Don’t throw the old broken chairs, but transform them into beautiful planters. The idea below is awesome and can be made in no time.

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