Pinterest makes everything look pretty and easy, but there’s no end to DIY fails on the Internet. Of course, some of the prettiest things on the Internet also look extremely complicated, and we understand you might be worried about spending an entire afternoon creating something that ends up in the dustbin. So we’ve combed through Pinterest, and we bring to you 12 DIY projects that someone with a rudimentary knowledge of art and craft will be able to make.

Ping Pong Ball Lights

These string lights won’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to make, but will do everything a string of pretty fairly lights can. Learn how to make these here.

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Faux Stained Glass Feathers

Stained glass in itself is super pretty, but really delicate to make. Try these faux stained glass feathers, using just plastic sheets and glass paint you can find at any craft store, or even online. Hang them like a wind chime, on your walls, or on your window, and just let the sun shine through them. Learn how to make them here.

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Framed Fern Artwork

If you’ve ever found a fern, or a sprig of flowers that you thought was too pretty to throw away, this one’s for you. All you need is a piece of paper, glue, your flora, and then get this piece of paper framed. Learn how to make it here.

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Old Tins as Vases or Planters

Don’t throw away your old oil tins, or food tins. Just poke a few holes at the bottom, paint over, and use them to make your own kitchen garden, or as vases to brighten up your room. Learn to make them here.

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Coffee-Scented Candles

The heat given off from the candles will start to warm up the coffee beans, which will fill your house with the wonderful aroma of coffee. Learn how to do this here.

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Custom Embroidered Shoes

No, you don’t need to be talented with the needle for this project. These are all made using one basic stitch, and shouldn’t take you more than one to two hours to make this. So get your most boring pair of shoes, and create something new and funky! Learn to do this here.

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Display Box for Your Memories

You will need a little prior preparation before you do this. Go to any shop that frames paintings, and tell them to create a display box for you, by using thick frames, so there is space between the back and the glass in front. Then ask them to leave the top unsealed, so you can keep adding ticket stubs from all the places you visit, making sure your memories stay intact!

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Finger-Knit Rope Trivet

All you need is some yarn or thin rope, and some free time. You’ll never buy trivets to rest your hot food again, and these are way prettier than anything you’ll get online. Learn to make them here.

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Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers are a great way to use the space in small apartments to get plants inside the house. Just remember to use a thick, sturdy, rope for this, and you’re sorted. Learn to make this here.

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Pressed Rose Petal Tray

Jazz up a boring white tray using some glue and a few flower petals. Just make sure you design your pattern well, so you don’t end up with something that looks untidy. Learn to make this here.

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Foam Wall Art

This may take you the whole afternoon, but the end result is stunning, and looks really classy and expensive. You can do just your initials, or if you’re feeling extra enthusiastic and productive, an entire word. Learn to make this here.

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Designer Dustbins

Don’t let your ugly dustbin get in the way of your aesthetic endeavours. It’ll take barely 10 minutes, so get some pretty paper or fabric, and get a whole new designer dustbin. Learn to make this here.

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