If you’re living in an urban area, you now that when room is tight, you’ve got to make good use of it. For those of us, urban dwellers, who have the chance to enjoy a balcony, this principle certainly applies more: as soon as the good weather comes back, we long to this lounge space for relaxing, reading and entertaining. Here are 10 cozy urban balconies ideas, that will inspire you to turn your outdoor situation into a second living room!

1. Square deck tiles: They are a cheap way to refresh your balcony, and allow for easy draining of rain water.

2. Cushions: There’s never enough cushions and throw pillows to give an outdoor space a sense of coziness.

3. Pallet wood: Reclaimed pallet wood is a cheap and fun way to create your own furniture. Hint: Add a good splash of color!

4. Faux grass: This eco-friendly alternative is both pleasing to the eye and very comfortable on foot.

5. Old farmhouse furniture: A reclaimed table can add an unexpected element of romantism, especially in an urban environment.

6. Tea lights and small lanterns: Use plenty of them to create a warm atmosphere at night.

7. Plants & pots: They are a great way to add some life to an otherwise dull corner. Plus, they can occult a not-so-great backyard view.

8. Colorful chairs: Add interest and pizzazz to your modern style decor.

9. Alcoves: A recessed wall is not necessary a place where you put random stuff you’re trying to hide! Install a small couch and you get a cozy reading corner, plus storage space below.

10. Woven rattan: This material adds a charming coastal look to your decor, with nice and clean patterns. Synthetic fiber is also water resistant.

via eatwell101