Swimming by with another kid friendly craft idea that is PERFECT to bust those summer boredom blues! Using wood craft sticks, felt and some fun colorful embellishments – you too can pull this adorable DIY fish kid craft together with your child in no time! Then use them as fun beach themed decorations or as awesome pretend play pieces in the living room.

Jumbo Craft Sticks (3 per each fish)
Wiggle Eyes
Kid Craft Scissors
Felties Felt Glue
Felties Felt Sheets
Small Pom Poms

Step 1. First grab three craft sticks {three per fish} and glue them together to look like a triangle. Set aside to let it dry completely. Repeat for each DIY fish craft you want to make.

Step 2. While those are drying, grab your felt and cut a triangular shape that will be placed within the craft stick frame and be the body of the fish. At this time, you should also cut out some fins, fish lips and a tail out of the remaining felt.

Step 3. Next you will want to glue the felt pieces to the craft stick frame. Repeat for each piece.

Step 4. Now you are ready for the final step – embellishments! Let kids take full control and decorate their DIY fish however they like! We used small pom poms to decorate the fins but you can also use glitter, rhinestones and even buttons to decorate yours!

Once you are done decorating your DIY fish, set them all aside to let them dry completely before displaying proudly!!!

via darice