There are few things that compare to the pure bliss of being wine wasted. But you know what’s even better than turning up by downing a dozen glasses of rosé on a hot summer’s day? Enjoying your favorite tipsy sips in the form of a frozen treat, of course.That’s right. This awesome recipe transforms your beloved fruity wine cocktail into an epic icy treat. And trust me, once you turn up with some these wine-sicles, you’ll never go back to drinking your vino out of a boring old glass ever again.

To make these wine popsicles you’ll need: pomegranate juice, sugar, limes, lemons, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, wine ( I used Prosecco and Rosé for this recipe) and popsicle molds.

First, fill a measuring cup with 1 cup of pomegranate juice…

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar…

And stir until the sugar is completed dissolved.

Fill each popsicle mold with approximately 1 inch of the pomegranate syrup and place in the freezer for one hour.

While you are waiting for your pops to freeze, cut a lemon and a lime into thin slices.

Once the pomegranate juice is frozen, remove your popsicles from the freezer. Squeeze one lime into a measuring cup, followed by one tablespoon of sugar. Then add 3/4 cup of Prosecco to the measuring cup…

Add a couple pomegranate seeds, blueberries and citrus slices to each popsicle mold and fill half of your molds with the champagne mixture.

Then grab another measuring cup and repeat the same process using Rosé instead of champagne.

After that’s all done, place the tops on your popsicles molds and throw those bad boys in the freezer for at least 10 hours.

When you’re ready to eat them, simply run warm water over each mold for a few seconds to release them from their plastic prisons…

And you’re all set! You can now turn up by stuffing your face with a bunch of insanely delicious sangria popsicles.

via elitedaily