So, you want to be extra patriotic this year and paint stars on your lawn for the 4th of July?! Look no further! We might have taken it to another level of good ole’ American festivities with this DIY, but how charming are those painted lawn stars?! You can’t say your guests won’t get a kick out of a yard full of stars… painted stars that is!! We love how this unique 4th of July decoration idea turned out. It’s such an easy and fun DIY for the 4th! And PS, can we not mention anything about the grass not being lush and gorgeous? We’re in SoCal with major water restrictions!! ; ) Have a happy and safe 4th of July and get festive with the DIY below!

To make the stars we took a star graphic (you can download here) and had them blow it up on paper at Staples. We did a few different sizes, 20″ being the largest. You can tell them the size you want!

Then use an X-acto knife to cut the star shape out. We placed it on an old piece of wood and cut the star shape out.

Lay the paper down on the grass (tape the corners if it’s a windy day!) and then using temporary marking spray paint for grass and pavement, gently spray over top. Don’t get too close to the paper or the paint will go under the pattern. Let it sit a minute before removing the paper.