Guess what? Achieving the perfect bridal hairstyle is not only easy, but you can also do it yourself.Thankfully, we’ve got eight easy steps for you to follow so you too can replicate updo perfection below!

First, separate hair evenly at top of head and secure with a clip.

Brush unclipped hair out to smooth.

Create a half pony with the “free” hair.

Wrap the ends of the half pony up and around the elastic as many times as needed and secure the ends of the half pony underneath (to hide) with pins.

Take down one side of clipped up hair and start twisting at the front while working all the hair in that section into the twist and secure around the half pony.

Do the same on the other side.

Separate the twists to cover all the nooks and crannies and to loosed up the twists so all looks relaxed and loose.

Secure any loose areas with pins and lightly mist hair with hairspray.