Going out into the sun can really be damaging to our skin, but oh, how we love it! It’s so nice to spend a day outside at the beach, but who wants to pay for it later with a sunburn? Using a nourishing base like this DIY after sun lotion helps replenish your skin after you’ve been out in it, and the essential oils in this help heal and feed your skin to restore it.  Roman chamomile is such a great oil for calming and healing, and so is the lavender.

This after sun lotion recipe is for a 3 oz. travel size lotion bottle. If you are using a larger bottle, do the math to be sure you’ve got the right amounts of everything.

Supplies Needed:
Travel size lotion bottle or a glass jar
4 tbsp. shea butter with vitamin C natural lotion (or your favorite plain, unscented lotion.)
1 tsp. jojoba oil
8 drops pure lavender essential oil
5 drops pure roman chamomile essential oil
Label and scotch tape if desired


There are 2 ways you can go about this, and I will tell you this mainly because I learned the hard way and want to spare you from doing what I did!

If you are using a bottle with a nice open top or a jar though, mix ingredients in a measuring cup. First, measure out your lotion and then add the jojoba oil to it.

Whisk them up nicely to get them well blended, and then add your essential oils. Once it’s all blended, place into your lotion bottle.

If your lotion bottle has a small opening at the top, then go ahead and add ingredients right into the bottle itself and then do some shaking and stirring with a stir stick to get it all mixed. If you try mixing it outside the bottle in a measuring cup, it is really hard once you whip it all together to get it back into the bottle without a disaster!

If you want to add a cute label, just be sure the outside of the bottle is dry and clean and then make the label. You can keep it nice by adding scotch tape over it, too!
How to use:
Apply to areas that were exposed to the sun, or to sunburned areas, liberally. Let soak in well before covering with clothing to be sure the oils really get in the skin and not in the clothes! Reapply a few times a day as needed.