Pets are great friends for us, if you love cats and dogs, you will know the price to take good care of them. You can see the hair everywhere, stain accidents and more, especially if you have carpet! If you search for a way to battle these pet stains, this genius way will remove them, with only 2 ingredients, a tiny little bit of elbow grease and your carpet will look nice and smell way better too!

All you have to do is mix: Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide (rubbing alcohol).

Mix equal parts of these 2 ingredients in a bowl.

Using a stiff bristle brush, dip into the solution and apply to the stained carpet.  Rub light to get the solution into the carpet fibers.  Let this sit on the carpet for about 30 minutes and then blot with paper towels to remove all the extra moisture you can.

Here are a couple of before and afters to show the difference a little 2 part solution makes.

After the carpet is good and dry, vacuum the entire area and you will have a nice looking carpet for a few more days.