We all have those days when a t-shirt is too boring to wear and a dress becomes too dressy, we try and work around with a scarf, some accessories but nothing seems to fit right. Because the occasion is casual yet you don’t want to look completely casual, a t shirt is a comfortable option but doesn’t look awesome on you today. I have the exact solution to these styling issues. Those boring t-shirts or the ones you think don’t look “right” anymore don’t have to hit the bin so soon. You can simply wear them with a small cut here and there and tada you would have a brand new looking top.
1. Simply Sleeveless
A simple hack, pick up am old t shirt, maybe the one which has become a little tight for you. Cut the sides of the t shirt till all the way down and leave some 4-5 inches from below. You can decide the width of the shoulder strap you want and cut accordingly. Stretch your cuts so that the fabric doesn’t look like its cut unevenly.
2. Easy DIY Fashion Projects
To execute this DIY project idea and if you have sleeves in your tee, cut them off from both sides as in the picture. To make the neck wider like a boat neck, cut the neckline he way you want it. When cutting the hem, let the sides be shorter and the front is longer. Always remember to stretch the cuts you’ve made for it to look crafty and original.
3. Do it Yourself Projects – Wings
Get an old t shirt, a marker and a pair of scissors to make this dragon fly back tee shirt on your own. With your market draw the stencil like these on the back of your tee shirt. If you’re not too confident about your drawing skills, then print out a picture from the internet and trace it out. With a comfortably held pair of scissors, cut the design one by one. Be careful with the edges because we don’t want them looking messy.

4. Tie-up Crop Top DIY

If you aren’t too sure about T shirt cutting without a tracing line, then go ahead make those lines on your t shirt. The neck, the sleeves and the hem, just copy these from the picture above. This cropped top with a tie up is another very chic and easy looking cutting idea.

5. DIY Ideas for Neck Design

Another easy t shirt cutting idea is this one wherein the neck yoke has been cute out to give an interesting design. Just follow the same pattern, draw the outline of the cut you want to make around the neckline and the arms, and then get cutting.

6. DIY Accessories using T-shirts

The bow back t-shirt is one where you make a horizontal slit on the back of your t shirt from one end to the other. Also, cut out some from the neck too. Then gather this piece from both top and bottom and pull them together to make a bow behind.

7. Strap back

A loose t shirt, could be one borrowed from your elder brother and could be used to get this cool t shirt cutting idea. Cut out a deep v-neck at the back of the t shirt. Then cut stretchable elastic material or another piece of fabric and sew them into those gaps.

8. Blade cut

It’s as simple as it sounds, you mark your territory and getting cutting, you can try different shapes and styles like in this one where one is horizontal and the other vertical both looking great.

9. Shoulder cut

This is one creative t shirt cutting idea that requires precision. If gone wrong, it will ruin your efforts and the t shirt too. Cut along the sleeves and then the shoulder, the neck and then the other sleeve. Make equal cuts otherwise too much gap will not look aesthetic.

10.DIY Shrug

You have to do absolutely nothing here, just cut your t shirt from centre front and stretch out those cuts to let go of the shabby cutting and Voila you’re done!

11. Moon

Like seen in the picture, you ll need the items seen above, cut out the moon shape for the back and then sew the lace.

12. Back cut Velcro

Looks a little twisted but is the simplest. You just have to cut a straight slit at the back, making the entire top look like a simple long piece. Then put a Velcro on either side like the way it is in the picture. Cut down the fabric to get that angle behind.

13. Heart shape + Cropped top –

The first part of the t shirt cutting is where you make your old t shirt into a cropped top. Then make a heart shape at the back and cut that portion off.

14. DIY T-shirt Cut-out Fashion Project

This cut-up t shirt looks a little complicated when you see it but with the right approach, its one brilliant idea. You won’t even be able to make out that it used to be a t shirt. Drawing the stencil is essential here because the design is a little complicated than the others. You could give your own creative bent to this or just follow the simple pattern here.

15. Slit Right Through

Nothing but a simple slit at the right point is the requirement for this t shirt cutting design. Pick up a t shirt that’s loose and has that airy feel, this look will not do justice to a tight fitted or a short tee.

16. Heart Cut-Out

You a tracing paper to draw the heart out and then make the cuts. Make sure that you wear a contrating colour inner-wear with this DIY t -shirt cutting design.

17. Fringe DIY

Again, a no fuss DIY like this one needs you to cut the bottom of the t shirt in fringes. The thickness of the fringe do not matter but, the thinner the fringe, the better they look.

18. Tie-Ups

This do it yourself project will need an immense amount of guts to wear, but if you wear an inner, then will not be a problem. However, this t-shirt cutting idea would work best when you need to pack for a beach holiday.

19. DIY Sleeve Cut-outs

Bored with your old and plain white tee? Cut the sleeves and make it an interesting DIY project.

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