If you’re going to get crafty this summer, it only makes sense to get crafty with stuff you’ll actually use. These DIY beach accessories will make a day spent by the ocean, bay, or lake (or even the pool) even better, because you’ll literally have everything you need. Also, they’re just really cute. And they could even make good gifts! Anyway, check out these 18 genius DIY beach accessories so that you too can have the best summer ever.

1. If you don’t have a beach bag, you can make your own… that also turns into a towel:

This two-in-one accessory is great – less for you to carry, but still leaves you with the essentials.

2. You can also make a mesh bag if you don’t want a towel one.

Mesh bags are great for the beach because they help get rid of sand on their own. They also make it really easy to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

3. Decorate plain towels to make them more fun. 

Cute beach towels can be weirdly expensive – I’ve seen them go for over $50! That’s crazy. Buy some cheap ones, or use old ones, by and make your own graphic designs on them.

4. Create pockets in your towel to make lounging easier. 

Make a large beach towel even better by adding pockets. These can hold books, small accessories or food, keeping them from getting too sandy or flying away. Genius!

5. Add a pillow to your favorite towel for extra comfort. 

Laying flat on a beach towel isn’t always the most comfortable thing in the world. Add a pillow to your favorite towel or blanket to stay propped up and comfy.

6. Protect your phone with a DIY waterproof case.

The worst thing about bringing your phone to the beach is all of the possibilities of it getting ruined. Make your own waterproof case that will protect it from the elements.

7. Make your own cute bathing suit coverup. 

A coverup is a beach essential. Make your own out of old clothing or stuff that’s too big for you.

8. DIY a sunglass class to keep yours protected.

Not every pair of sunglasses come with a case. Make your own out of fabric to keep your sunnies from getting scratched up by sand.

9. Create a wet bag for your bathing suits. 

If you plan on changing at some point, then you need a wet bag. This is the perfect place to hold your wet bathing suits without getting everything else in your bag wet.

10. Keep earbuds and keys together with this DIY holder. 

Two things that can easily get lost in the sand are keys and earbuds. Keep both of yours safe and close together with this little holder.

11. Make your own little survival kit for any emergencies.

You can obviously put tampons or pads anywhere, but it’s not a bad idea to have a little kit like this one in your bag. Fill it with menstrual products, band-aids, hair ties, whatever. You’ll always be prepared!

12. Bring along some DIY surf spray for perfect beach waves.

Why do you need surf spray at the beach, you ask? Well, not everyone’s hair cooperates after a swim or just with all of the wind. A few spritzes of some surf spray will keep your hair looking great, and there’s no need to buy it when you can easily make your own.

13. Repurpose a plastic bottle into a pouch for money.

A plastic bottle makes an ideal little pouch for your bag. It keeps change, money, and other small items from getting wet or lost.

14. Make the cutest little pouches to hold the little things.

It’s always helpful to have a smaller pouch in your beach bag. Beach bags are big and messy, and things get lost easily. A little pouch holds onto the items you care about the most. These citrus ones are adorable.

15. Turn some fabric into a DIY headband.

A headband is an ideal beach accessory – it keeps your hair out of your face and looks cute. This nautical inspired one is extra adorable.

16. Don’t forget to pack this DIY drink holder.

If you don’t have a chair with a drink holder, then putting drinks in the sand is the worst. This is easy to make and will keep your beverages in reach.

17. Bring some DIY after-sun spray.

Even if you use a lot of SPF, the sun makes your skin super hot. A sun spray like this will cool you down and soothe any irritation. Keep it in your cooler.

18. Decorate your beach bag with some boho tassels. 

Okay, so you don’t NEED this, but it’s really cute. Decorate any beach bag with some colorful tassels.
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