Have you been searching for some fresh DIY crafts to fill your summer weekends with? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered with some of the prettiest home decor revamps. Although each project differs from the other, the running theme throughout is the use of at least one natural material. Whether it’s reliable wood, sleek stone, earthy jute, or glamorous agate, there are crafts here to suit a variety of skill levels and personal tastes.

1. River Rock Boot Tray

This is the perfect place to park wet rain boots or muddy shoes this summer. Simple and beautiful, this project can be more involved by creating a custom tray, or extremely fast by using a premade waterproof base like a rubber mat with a lip or plastic serving tray and filling with natural river rocks.

2. Geode Cabinet Knobs

This DIY is so glamorous and impactful, yet so simple and straightforward. Find a few of your favorite pieces of geode chunks or agate slices and adhere them to blank knob or pull bases and affix to your furniture.

3. Seashell Soap Dish

A great beachy addition to any bathroom is this seashell soap dish. With a large shell as the soap tray and a small one as the base, glue and patience is all you really need to complete this project. Once dry, pop in your favorite bar of soap and admire your craftiness every time you wash your hands.

4. Braided Jute Basket

This braided jute basket DIY requires some sewing skills and a sewing machine, but the outcome is really lovely. It would be the perfect vessel for carrying fresh flowers and other odds and ends.

5. Crystal Necklace Display

With just some craft wood, paint, glue, wall adhesive, and a selection of raw crystals you’ll have a beautiful necklace display, or three, to hang on your wall this summer. The best part is that it’s really as simple to assemble as it looks.

6. Burlap Pillow Covers

This one requires sewing skills, or some Heat’n Bond (shhhh, we won’t tell if you don’t), along with burlap, loose stuffing or a pillow insert, and a contrasting strip of fabric. If you’re not into the tan tone of the burlap, then paint it white first and choose a black and white geo print to make this pillow more modern.

7. Seashell Candles

Turn your treasures into a beautiful reminder of your seaside jaunts with shell candles. These would look great as part of a beach inspired tablescape.

8. Stone Door Mat

This is a project that has a really chic, rich looking outcome with just a few simple materials. Another plus is that it can be used as a front door mat or as a shower mat. If you plan on getting it wet, then choose a base that has holes in it for drainage or poke some in it yourself.

9. Jute Cord Camouflage

Ah, finally a solution for those awkwardly placed outlets causing your lamp cords to cut all kinds of crazy across the room.

10. Balsa Wood Lampshade

One of the coolest projects I’ve seen lately is this modern and natural unfinished balsa wood lampshade revamp. It’s another quick and easy DIY that has major impact.

11. Wine Cork Bath Mat

Calling all wine drinkers! This easy DIY is simple, but requires around 175 corks, so if you’ve got the materials, then you can also have a really nifty cork bath mat.

via ecosalon