In the summer, there is no more cool enjoyment than swimming in a pool. It is obvious that not all homeowners can afford such luxury and in addition to that, an outdoor shower can be the best inexpensive replacement and to enjoy the sunny summer days. You can find both simple and luxuriant designs, and they can enhance the your outdoor experience and be fabulous additions to any backyard space. For today, I have made you a collection of 10 amazing DIY outdoor showers you can make in no time.

It is not that difficult to make a bathing paradise in your yard that won’t take up too much space and that will belong only to you. You can install outdoor showers in any appropriate corner of your backyard walls or on the fence. For more privacy, you should install wooden panels or other privacy screens. A well-designed shower, will be perfect addition to your outdoor space and bring cool for you too. You may find and a shower design that will turn your backyard into the best cool place in the warm summer, and design that will meet your needs, space and style, who knows.

Few things I have experienced in my life are as enjoyable as the invigorating, relaxing and idyllic experience of showering in the summer sun, in the private outdoor shower. This is the best connection with nature that you can experience in your life. The tranquil, open-air and private refuge, blending light, air and water revitalize your spirit.

Those who won’t go on a vacation this summer, should definitely build one of these outdoor shower and experience a spa-like retreat. Before you choose where you will place the shower, consider drainage. You should also consider the access to cold and hot water, the solar heated tank, etc.