We know that you love to give new life to old objects. You are going to be amazed with the crafts because the old electronics can be reused in so many different ways and at the same time will give a unique touch to your home decor. Do you already have some ideas in mind? Check out the photos that we have collected for you and get inspired. We are sure that you would want to make all of them!

The old floppy disks that are not used anymore can again become a part of your everyday life if you just make your own personal notebook and use the floppies as cover. Everybody is going to ask you where you have got it from, believe me!

If you coffee machine is broken and can’t be repaired, think out of the box and use it as a fish bowl. It’s the perfect fish bowl that can be used as a kitchen decor. How do you like the idea?

The old retro TVs have a special charm about them, and it would be great if you incorporate them in your contemporary home decor by repurposing them into home bars.

Even the smallest parts of the electronics can be reused. You can use all of the small buttons to create a personalized bracelets and in this way everyone can see how much you love and enjoy all of the old and new electronic devices.

The old radio turns out to be an amazing planter, and if you are looking for a way to add interest to your yard, maybe it’s time to get down to work and recreate the look.

Almost any electronic device can be turned into a planter, so think about all of the possibilities that you have at home!

Your cat will love its new pet bed that you have made by yourselves by repurposing the old TV console. Insert a cushion in it and make it cozy and comfortable.

Make use of the old buttons of the keyboard and decorate the plain and dull pencil holder. This design would be a nice addition to the desk into your office.

Has it ever occurred to you that you can turn the old blender into a lamp? Give it a try!

The old and broken  joystick can hold your favorite pens and pencils on your desk and show your love of games.