Original and creative garden decoration does not have to be expensive – with a little skill you can decorate with an old bowling ball. If you have left over tiles, you can cut it into small pieces and then stick them on the ball. Pieces of glass, metal details and even small stones can create beautiful accents in design. Thus, the original ball color is hidden, put the ball on a garden pedestal so you can decorate the garden entrance, or make a comfortable sitting area. If you want the design to look more natural, you can put down the ball right in the flower bed.

Smiley design idea

Metal decoration in the garden

Penny coins design

Peacock figure in the garden

Purple bowling ball on a garden pedestal

Bowling ball decorated with river stones

Design with floral patterns

Colorful mosaic

Plaster and glass pieces

Mirror pieces and blue tile pieces

The second idea is very original and sweet – if you have some paint left from the recent renovation, you can decorate the bowling ball. In any case, it is important that the old ball color is previously abraded using sandpaper. Prepare beforehand a pad and paint the ball in red and black – so you get a ladybug figure. This garden decoration idea will surely bring joy to your children. In the picture gallery you can find many interesting designs and ideas for making on your own.