If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for Fathers Day, don’t fret we’ve got a great selection of handmade gifts you can make for very little cost! From coffee scented soap to hand stamped handkerchiefs, here’s 20 genius DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day!

1. Hand Stamped Handkerchief

2. Homemade Bacon Salt 

3. Metal Stamped Leather Wrap Bracelet

4. Anthropologie Inspired Knife Block

5. Beeswax Candle 

6. Clay Alphabet Containers

7. Coffee Scented Soap

8. Cufflink Case 

9. Decoupage Comic Book Frame 

10. DIY Canvas Mounted Instagram Photos

11. DIY Lip Balm

12. DIY Mini Pallet Coasters

13. DIY Nautical Sisal Rope Coasters 

14. Eco-Friendly Soaps

15. Giftable Bread Loaf Wraps

16. Healing Cuticle Balm

17. Homemade Honey Bubble Bath

18. Instant Mocha Mix

19. Passport Cover

20. Puzzle Piece Necklace

via craftordiy