There are a thousand little things you have to do when planning a wedding and centerpieces are often at the top of that list. They’re one of the first things guests will notice when they walk into a venue and you want them to be perfect . . . but you also don’t want them to cost an arm and a leg so why not try making them yourself? True, it’s time consuming but by making your own centerpieces you can ensure that they’re absolutely perfect and fit well with your vision. Start by getting inspired with these 16 centerpiece ideas!

1. Forget the flowers and make realistic looking roses using coffee filters!

2. Incorporate pictures of the family or of the bride and groom with a photograph tree.

3. With this chic and sweet look, you’ll save plenty of money on flowers and all you’ll really need is a bit of spray paint!

4. It doesn’t get much more original than a hot air balloon centerpiece.

5. Let your inner Alice in Wonderland out with teacup tables. 

6. Get playful with these pinwheel centerpieces.

7. Make your book page centerpieces even more special by using pages of the bride and groom’s favorite books. 

8. Make personalized snow globes for a winter wedding.

9. Not only are these vases fruity and fresh but they’ll give off a scent that your guests will love.

10. As an extra bonus, you’ll have good reason to drink more wine with this cork centerpiece.

11. Who knew how beautiful copper pipes could be?

12. Turn gourds into candles for a harvest-themed table.

13. Nothing says love more than initials carved in wood.

14. Make your wedding reception warm and welcoming with cinnamon candles in your centerpieces.

15. This would be perfect for a daytime, garden party!

16. There’s no denying the romantic atmosphere that’s created by wine bottle candlesticks.

via diply