One man’s treasured souvenir collection is another man’s soul-crushing pile of clutter. If you find yourself in the latter camp, you should know that there are plenty of ways to commemorate and celebrate the places you’ve been without having to dedicate a shelf to shot glasses or snowglobes.

If you come home with some leftover currency, consider blowing it up to a mammoth proportion as using it as wall art, inspired by the living room.

Or take the bills, as-is, and frame them between pieces of glass to re-create this globally-inspired floating gallery wall.

You can also take your spare change and turn it into fridge magnets with this DIY project.

And foreign currency, when mixed up with ticket stubs and receipts, makes for an interesting collage, which you can photocopy and frame up to display as art anywhere in the house.

To commemorate a road trip or multi-city itinerary, create these embroidered map art pieces.

You can also use maps to decoupage some inexpensive frames, then drop a photo from the trip inside.

 Paint and stencil wooden boxes in different colors and keep them on your bookshelf filled with trinkets from the trip.

Another way to commemorate your trip on your bookshelf is to wrap books with maps from your travels. They could be photo albums, scrapbooks or just the guidebook you used on the vacation.

You can even use maps to decorate the inside of a scrapbook with a cover liner, handmade envelopes, photo corners and picture mats.

A custom hand-painted globe project that you could stop halfway and wait to write in the places you’ve been as you explore the world.

Inspired by this painting, called “Lonely Planet”, create a graphic painting of the places you’ve been with messy script on a long, subway-sign-style canvas.

If you’re particularly handy with a craft knife, you could craft this map of the world from cork tiles and use it to pin up photos and mementos from the places you’ve been.