Embrace warmer weather with this rustic spring DIY project over the weekend. Sometimes the smallest home improvement can make a big difference. Recycle tin cans by transforming them into simple, rustic elements in your home decor.


  • Multi-Surface Acrylics (Coastal Waters,Paprika)
  • 1″ flat brush
  • twine (or other embellishments of choice)
  • dremel tool (with metal cutting disk)
  • tin can
  • safety gloves
  • safety glasses
  • tea lights
  • heavy objects (to squash cans)


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

Wash the tin cans thoroughly. Remove all label and any adhesive residue.

Cut the cans vertically using a dremel tool with a metal cutting disk attached. (Cut about every 1/2″.) Be sure to wear safety protection such as safety glasses and gloves.

Paint the cans in Coastal Waters and Paprika. Let some of the can show through for a rustic look.

 Squash the can, by slowly adding weight to the top of the cans to get them to start to buckle in the middle. (They will naturally form a “V” shape.)

Using safety gloves, shape the cans: Stick a gloved hand inside the cans and reshape the “V” to make it more of a gradual “U”.

Add twine or other embellishments around the top and add tea lights.

via decoart