With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to think about what the kids will make for her. Will it be a book that they draw pictures in, a bath soak for Mom to relax with, or a nest pendant for her to wear? We’ve gathered a bunch of great ideas just in time for her big day!

Mommy Survival Kit 

As a mom, I’ve gone searching for headache medicine or chapstick more than once. Almost always I come up empty-handed. Maybe for Mother’s Day this year I’ll get a Mommy Survival Kit – it has everything Mom needs before she knows she needs it.

Mother’s Day Book 

The kids can draw her pictures and write in kind words about her after the prompts. This printable book is perfect for Mother’s Day, or anytime you want to make her feel special!

Footprint Stool

All of Momma’s {or Grandma’s} piggies on one footstool. This will be perfect for her to use in the kitchen as a step-stool.

Strawberry Bath Soak

Mom’s had a hard day and she needs a nice, long soak in the bath. Gift her some of this homemade strawberry bath soak and she can relax with the sweet aroma surrounding her.

Nest Pendant for Mom 

An egg for each of Momma’s “baby birds.” In pendant form, they’re never too far from her heart. You could also make this to be a ring or a brooch.

Easy Mother’s Day Craft

Need a craft that’s easy enough for a preschooler? You could use paint or dot markers to create this gift.

DIY Painted Burlap Canvas

For your mom whom you’ve also made a grandma. This inexpensive and easy gift will hang in her home forever!

Homemade Foot Scrub 

Every now and again Mom deserves a little foot rub. She works hard and is on her feet all day. This homemade foot scrub will make the perfect gift!

5 Things I Love About Mom Card

This card is sure to make Mom smile. Imagine the things that the kids may say.