I have a gorgeous little project for you today, a very cute birdie mobile. Not many materials is needed and anyone can make one of these with two drift wood branches.

You’ll need these materials:
2 x branches (the ones I used were about 30-35 cm long)
sewing thread
sewing needle
metal wire
laminator (or use really sturdy carton, if your printer can handle it)
thick A4 paper
prints A4 (download here)


1. Print out the pattern on one side, flip and print the pattern w. birdie tracing on the other side. Make one sheet of each color. Laminate the sheets. This will make your mobile a bit more sturdy and last longer. If you don’t have a laminator, then use thick carton for the prints. Just remember that your printer needs to be able to handle the carton you use.

2. Cut out all the little birdies.

3. Use needle and thread. Create five strings of birdies by attaching the birdies to each other with thread between them. Make the distance about 10-15 cm.

4. Take your branches and place them in a X. Secure them to each by winding wire around the intersection. Make sure the branches are pretty level when you hold them up; otherwise the whole mobile will be crooked. Now make a small loop from a piece of wire and attach it to the intersection.

5. Attach all the strings of birdies to your branches, one on each arm and one in the middle. Hang your mobile and enjoy your finished project.

via precioussister