We all know how important reading is, especially at young age when children discover the world and should learn something new daily, so encouraging your kid to read in many different ways is the most useful and smart thing to do. There are several ways in which you can make reading more interesting for your youngster, and one of them is creating a fun reading corner for him. If you are able do build a unique and captivating design of a book shelf for your kid to store and display his books, than believe us, half of the job is done. So investing a little time and devotion into your kids own bookshelves will make him enjoy in the beauty of books, appreciate their value, thus – read more. That is the main reason why we have searched for some amusing and fun designs of bookshelves and we have collected a list of 10 that we liked the most, so continue reading and get inspired in creating a lovely book storage for your kid. Enjoy!
Zig Zag Kids Bookshelves
These red hot zig-zag bookshelves look so awesome as a contrast to the bold navy blue wall and furniture. Not only they stand out in the setting, they also provide a super-vibrant and dynamic ambiance in this kids spot.

Flower Kids Bookshelves

Those super-cute white flower bookshelves are absolutely adorable. They are so spacious and practical, lovely and sweet and for sure the main charmer in this beautiful kids room with navy blue, white and red color palette.

Swirl Kids Bookshelf

The funky and playful design of this swirl bookshelf adds to the perky appeal of this children’s spot. The shelf looks so simple, yet so unique at the same time and fits into this vibrant setting.

Tree Kids Bookshelves

This is absolutely amazing! This tree-looking bookshelf is so adorable and cute that we simply can not resist it! It has additional wall stickers and stuffed animals to add to the authentic tree look, and even a cute little birds house! We are melting over here!

Face Kids Bookshelf

This face- looking bookshelf is so funny and cute at the same time. Its playful and positive design brings extra vividness and smiles into a children’s room.

Round Kids Bookshelf

How awesome and creative this round bookshelf is? Looks so striking and unique, and with the window in the middle of it, feels like the books are opening a window of opportunities for you. And that is absolutely true!

Alphabet Kids Bookshelf

Can’t get any more symptomatic than this, right? This red hot alphabet bookshelf is a symbolic and at the same time super-creative idea. Provides a fun and playful book display and storage, with an accent to the letters as the essential content of the books.

Skateboard Kids Bookshelves

Such an original and inventive book display and storage! Use your kid’s old skateboards, attach them to a wall in his room and you get instant, awesome and super-fun bookshelves that he will immediately fall in love with!

Fabric Kids Bookshelves

You’ll need two curtain rods, two double curtain rod brackets, and some playful and colorful fabric to build this lovely fabric kids bookshelves. Such a cute and imaginative way of keeping your kid’s favorite books on display and hand reach.

Ladder Kids Bookshelves

These lovely looking white bookshelves are a mix of wooden shelves and small ladders placed upside down. We couldn’t have thought more fun and amusing way of creating a book storage and display.

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