Besides of building furniture, there are bundles of unique pallet projects that create a better outdoor for you like home decking, porch wooden flooring, building garden walkways and fencing! One of the highly unique uses of pallets is to build this DIY reclaimed pallet bike rack, a super easy solution to securely park your bicycles! Just get a few of pallet boards with enough spacing between their top deck boards to fit a front wheel of your bicycle inside of it!

Rebuild the pallets or just modify them to very short extent to get pre-fabricated cycle racks out of them! All you need is to fix them tightly in the ground or with some solid fixed supports!

Use multiple pallet sizes to enlarge the size of your bicycle rack! Make sure that spacing between the deck boards is enough to take in the whole width of your bicycle tire!

This cycle rack can be used at outdoor of your home, in schools or at a picnic area where you reach using your cycles with a cluster of friends! This is really another remarkable pallet recovery or remake of pallets!