As kids grow up, we end up having tons of toys and we are wondering what to do with them. Some of the toys can be reused in so many functional and practical ways, and one of them is the wagon. You have probably never imagined that they can be put to a really good use in the house. Do you already have some ideas in mind after thinking about the possibilities? Scroll down through the photos below and see what we have got for you! You are going to be amazed, believe me!

The wagon will work great as a decorative element which also serves as a storage option in your kids room. They would love to be seeing it day by day even after they grow up. It will remind them of happy times and fun moments!

If you have more than one wagon, we have a great news for you. Remove the wheels to two of them, arrange them one over the other and make yourselves a bar cart in no time. It can serve you many purposes, as serving food on them and storage as well!

The wagon can be reused in the garden too. You can make your own mini garden which will be portable at the same time, so you get to move and place it wherever you want. What do you think about the idea?

We can never get enough of trays, so if you are in a mood for a DIY project, you can get a new tray by recycling and repurposing the old wagon in no time and with little money.

If you have plenty of books, and you are wondering where to store them, we have got the perfect solution for you. Get the wagon that your kids used to play with, and display your books in an outstanding fashion.

 If you are hosting a party in your yard you will have to think of a smart idea to cool all of the drinks, so the wagon can come in hand once again. Fill it with ice and get your drinks inside it. Your guest will be able to serve themselves with ice cold beers from the cool wagon.

 After you kids get bored with the wagon, and they refuse to play with it after some time, go ahead and upgrade its look by turning it into a pirate boat. They will love the design for sure!

If you just remove the wheels and place a cushion in the wagon, you will get a bed for your pet in just a few seconds.

via topdreamer