My kids are getting to an age where I think it’s high time they learned to tie a shoelace. The funny thing is that although they are now big girls at the ages of 6 and 7 they have never owned a pair of shoes with laces so they have never had to learn how to tie them. I decided to remedy this with my own DIY shoe lacing cards. They didn’t take long to make and have the added advantage of helping kids learn how to thread the laces through the holes. With the help of her new shoe lacing card miss 6 was able to tie a bow in no time! Here is how you can make one too:


  • a piece of scrap cardboard
  • lead pencil
  • a shoelace
  • white paint
  • glitter
  • mod podge (or make a DIY version using water to PVA (school) glue at a 1:1 ratio)

To begin with, sketch a child’s sneaker on to the cardboard. It’e easiest to use a real one as a reference, or a picture of a shoe you like the look of. I’ve made ours approximately the same size as my girls’ feet.

Paint over the pencil lines with white paint, and once that has dried cut the shoe out. To cut the holes for the laces out it’s best to use a craft knife and cutting mat.

Add some glitter for a bit of extra sparkle. In order to avoid the glitter flecks falling off while the shoe is being used and played with add a coat of mod podge over the top of the glitter. This is very effective!

I managed to find this groovy fluro glitter going at half price and couldn’t resist buying it. I also found some matching fluro shoelaces that were perfect for the job.

The lacing cards turned out bright and colourful with the fluro additions and I’m happy to report that my efforts weren’t a waste of time – the girls love practicing tying their laces with them! It’s such an essential life skill, don’t you think?