Do you remember what it was like to wake up on Easter morning to a basket filled with chocolaty surprises? Growing up we always had the most wonderful homemade Easter baskets that my mother made for us.  What I loved most is that you couldn’t find them in a store, and not a single other friend of mine had the same one.  Those little baskets are still put out every year at my mom’s house, still holding up strong, and they’re filled with decades of memories.  Needless to say I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this little family tradition, but it’s just too wonderful not to.  All the credit goes to my cute little mom and her crafty little self.  Happy Easter everyone!

What You’ll Need:
1 Balloon
3 bundles of cotton yarn
Metallic Crinkle Cellophane
Decorative add-ons
Sugar Bowl

Step 1: Blow up balloon to the desired size that you would like your basket.  Tie the end of the string to the balloon, making sure you leave approximately 30cm on the end.

Step 2: Start wrapping the string around the balloon.  It’s easiest to go lengthwise to start off.  Once you’re done with one bundle, tie it to the beginning of the next bundle and continue until you have used all three or gotten the desired coverage.

Step 3: Using a large bowl in the bathroom (covering the floor with garbage bags) create a water/sugar bath.  One part warm water to two parts sugar.  (You can add glitter to the water if you want your basket to have some sparkle.)  Roll your balloon until it is thoroughly covered with the sugar water.

Step 4: Using the bit of string you left at the beginning, tie your balloon to the shower rod in your bathtub.  If some strings come loose, don’t panic, once you tie your balloon up, you can re-wrap your string around the balloon.  Once the balloon is nearly dry, you will need to cut it down and roll it again in the sugar/water solution.  Rolling twice ensures an extremely durable basket.  Once will not be enough.

Step 5: Once your basket is dry but there remains an approximately 2 inch diameter wet spot on the bottom, cut it down and place on parchment paper.  Press down on the wet bottom to create a flat surface so your basket will be able to sit on its own.  Pop the balloon.

Step 6: Draw out the area you wish to cut out to create your basket.  I like to use a ruler to measure from the table up to ensure a straight line across the front of the basket.

Step 7: Cut out the drawn out area.  Once you do so, you may use that first piece as a stencil to cut the other side.  Remember this is a homemade project, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 8:  I like to glue multiple layers of ribbon together to create a multidimensional look.  Hot glue gun works best.  If your ribbon is too thin the glue will show through, so pick a thicker ribbon or do a couple of layers.

Step 9:  Glue ribbon to basket, starting with handles first.  After the handle go all the way around the top edge of the basket.

Step 10:  Cover the hole at the top of the handle by creating a bow in matching ribbon and gluing on top.

Step 11:  Add your cellophane on the bottom of the basket, and fill with the metallic crinkle cellophane.  Add any finishing touches or decorations, such as furry chicks, and you’re finished.  Wait for Easter Bunny to fill with chocolate.

via centrestreetstyle