There is nothing better than free, am I right? You say the word free and people immediately get excited, no matter what it is. Well, what if I told you that you can make an Easter garland for completely free? Okay, well let me preface the “free” part by saying that it’s free if you already have twine, which most everybody does, especially if you do any kind of crafts. You don’t really even need to use twine, you can use any kind of string, but I love twine, so that’s what I decided to use.

So, here’s what you’ll need in order to make this cute garland:
-paint chip samples
-egg template
-hot glue gun

So, first thing’s first – you’ll need to find an egg template online. I simply searched for “egg template” on Google images and found one that I liked. Then, print it out at a size that will fit onto your paint chip samples. Once that’s done, cut out your template, put it on every paint chip sample and trace it.

Once all your eggs are traced, cut them out.

Now you can put them in the color order that you want. Once that’s done you’re ready to glue the eggs onto your string.

Turn each egg over, then place a little glue on the top part of the egg. Place the string onto the glue and hold it there until it’s dry. Once all the eggs are glued onto the string, you’re all done with your darling garland!

So simple, but so cute, right?