Whether you’re an expert craftsman, an entertaining hobbyist or someone just looking to upcycle their old furniture, there’s nothing like turning something old into something new. Instead of sending those old family heirlooms to the thrift store or putting them on the curb, use your imagination and turn those old trinkets into something useful. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a bar cart to kick it Mad Men style, turn that old furniture in your parents’ garage into a bar cart for the ages.

1. The Piano Bar

With a few plates of glass and a new coat of paint, you can turn that old piano you promised your parents you’d learn to play as a kid into the classiest thing in your place as an adult.

2. The Book Bar

Forget having a garage sale or selling your old textbooks and turn them into this monument to higher learning. This is what teachers meant when they said, “Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card”.

3. Baby Change Table Bar For Adults

Have you potty trained your kids? Do you know someone who recently has? Turn that old change table into a killer bar cart with a new coat of paint. That sucker will instantly go from being a source of pain to a source of pleasure.

4. Wood Pallet Bar

Wood pallets are easy to find and tough to get rid of, but you can upcycle it into a bar in no time. You’ll need to sand it and slap some lacquer on the countertop, but this thing is so simple it practically builds itself.

5. TV Bar Cart

Turn that old ’50s TV into a 21st century gem by making it into a modern bar cart after you carefully remove the electronics of it.

6. Microwave Cabinet No More!

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do for that old furniture that’s getting tossed to the curb after your parents clean their garage. That old microwave cabinet from the ’80s is reborn as a stylish bar station for you.

7. Bookshelf Bar

After splashing some fresh colors on there, shuffling the shelves around and screwing on the racks for glasses, you’re basically done. This bookshelf goes from curbside trash to party smash hit in a snap.

8. Travel Trunk Bar

Turn that travel trunk into a treasure chest of boozy treats by hollowing the lid and adding a couple shelves. It’ll turn your living room from looking like your dad’s old den into a man cave of wonders.

9. Vintage Record Player Turned Bar

This gem is another ultimate thrift store antique that’s upcycling gold. Turn that old vinyl cabinet from spinning classic records to becoming a classic staple of your furniture collection.

10. Dresser Bar

So you’ve grown up, you’ve moved out, you’ve got your own place and bought new furniture. What’re you going to do with that dresser you grew up with as a kid? Knock out the drawers and turn that bad boy into the perfect bar cart.

11. TV Stand Bar

Since everyone has a flat screen TV now, spin that old electronics stand into a bar cart that ages like the liquor it’ll hold in its drawers now.

12. Suitcase Bar Cart

Upcycle your suitcase into a bar cart that will make you feel like you’re flying to the moon. You’ll wish you could bring this suitcase with you on every vacation afterwards.

13. Radio Stand Bar

This one would definitely take a couple weekends to finish, but it’s a genius DIY hack for an old radio stand from the ’60s. This bar cart looks so authentic and creative guests will be asking which episode of Mad Men you stole it from.

14. Armoire Bar

This one definitely takes some serious skill but looks absolutely stunning and is perfect for new homeowners. The shelving units for the wine and for the highball glasses will take some elbow grease, but it’s nothing a trip to your local hardware store can’t fix.

15. Upcycled Door Bar Cart

If you’re ever doing renovations, this is a great way to turn that old door into a new addition by drilling some shelves into it. If you’re going for a rustic look, leave it as is, but if you’re already renovating,  you can repaint it in no time.

16. Upcycled Desk Bar

Turn your grandpa’s old desk into a bar cart by putting a plank of wood over the drawer and add some legs onto the bottom of it. Cherish those retro furniture treasures by keeping them in the family and make them new again.

via diply