While pallet furniture might be an OG in the DIY world, there are still *plenty* of reasons why people can’t get enough of it for all their outdoor lounging and entertaining needs. This super versatile and cheap-to-come-by material looks great on any patio, tiny balcony or backyard lawn and can be made into a modern statement-maker with the right paint colors, textures and designs.

1. DIY Rustic Chic Outdoor Seating

You’ll elevate your backyard decor game big time with this rustic ensemble. Layer the pallets, then add comfy white cushions, geometric throw pillows and a curtain to tie the whole look together. A getaway in the privacy of your own home? Perfect.

2. DIY Pallet Wood Bench + Gabion Table

If you’re a fan of the industrial-meets-rustic look, you need to DIY this bench and table combo for your outdoor space. Bonus: These will stack together and store easily during the cooler months.

3. DIY Pallet Couch 

The best way to get ready for those warmer months is with some seriously comfy outdoor lounge furniture. To get this look, pick some pallets up from your nearby pallet distributor — or the side of the road! — and set aside a weekend for your project. Pro tip: Pick your pallets to fit your mattress, not the other way around.

4. DIY Patterned White Stipe Pallet Table

Get a little more creative with your pallet furniture by painting on geometric patterns to draw the eye to your swanky new seating arrangement. You can go for a simple white patterned set of stripes like this coffee table, or mix it up with an array of colors.

5. DIY Two Pallet Potting Bench

Green thumb people, this one’s for you! This must-have pallet potting bench is a great space to display your greenery and gardening tools. Keep this as-is, or add another row or two of shelves for even more storage.

6. DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

Succulents are a low-maintenance and cost-effective way to brighten up any space. Gather your favorite succulents together in this cedar pallet planter that you can make without spending over $10.

7. DIY Pallet Coffee Table

If you love the idea of a pallet table but want a look that’s a little more refined, try this DIY coffee table with a smooth surface made from planking scraps. Give the table a coat of crisp white paint for an elegant finish, or go bold with color (neon, anyone?) to bring the party outside.

8. DIY Pallet Swing Bed

This DIY pallet swing looks like something straight out of a daydream, but believe it or not, it actually *can* be yours. Spend a quick weekend with some pallets, rope and a mattress, and before you know it, you’ll be sippin’ margs and enjoying those lazy spring and summer days on your new outdoor swing bed.

9. DIY Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Garden Planter

You can brighten up any yard with a rainbow pallet garden planter. It’s pretty much the best way to let people know you’re pumped for spring. Side note: You’ll want to stick to heat-treated pallets (vs. chemically-treated) because they’re generally safer to use.

10. DIY Pallet Furniture

It all comes down to the details when making over your space. Even something like paint color can seriously elevate your furniture. Opt for a bright and bold pop of color, like this green coffee table, to upgrade your pallet furniture and get ready for spring.

11. DIY Pallet Table

This one can function indoors or out. If you’ve ever wished you could invite just a few more people to dinner in your tiny kitchen party, build a pallet table to fit the space you need, rather than investing in a new (and expensive) kitchen or dining room table. For a real feast, bring the table outside for backyard dinners all spring and summer long.

12. White Pallet Outdoor Lounge 

When the weather hasn’t quite warmed up all the way, cuddling up outside in a blanket is always the answer. Snag this monochromatic and boho-chic look by painting your pallet base white. Stick to a white cushion and pillows with a faux-fur throw.

13. DIY Pallet TeePee

This project is great for kids, but the grownups will also definitely want a turn chilling in this space. Once you finish putting together this neat hideaway, finish off the look by adding in a comfy cushion or two and maybe a coat of paint.

14. Pet Bed

Don’t forget about that furry friend of yours! They’ll love basking in the sun on this hip new outdoor home. Just be sure to change out the cushion and cover every few weeks to keep it extra fresh for your pouch.

via ozock