Feasible shapes of pallets have the power to build unique pallet furniture ideas of which takes place daily in your already creative mind! This free wood medium is really to analyze how much creative you are! Get a bundle of pallets by taking a little visit of local areas and clone CD-tower to add to your mini home office or entertainment center! It comes with 6 equal storage boxes, you can increase the number of these storage cubbies to get targeted storage space!

Straight pallet boards have been packing tight to gain a wooden tower, then chopped pieces of pallets have been fitted inside as dividers to create multiple boxes!

Fine gritting has been done to remove the ugly marks and splinters from all wooden surfaces! Don’t forget to put a stable base or bottom to this tower!

This has been got in a slim appearance but your can gain a beefy model with lot of width just in case if you need more options to organize your media, gaming tools and other items of interest!

via 101palletideas